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  • What should I wear?
    Please bring flat shoes (we don't wear shoes on board). Swim wear. Towel. Cover/Shawl. Sunglasses. Suncream. Shorts / T-shirt, Hat.
  • What if the weather is bad?
    Your captain will review the weather each day and discuss the options with you. The east coast of Rhodes is sheltered from most bad weather. Rhodes is one of the sunniest locations in the Mediterranean. It is extremely rare to have weather that prevents sailing. In the unlikely event this does occur then you can either rebook for another day or request a refund voucher.
  • Are children welcome on board?
    Of course! We have had very young babies, toddlers and children of all ages on board. There are changing areas down below, bathroom and wash facilities. Children under the age of 12 travel half price!
  • What if I'm sea sick?
    It is very rare for someone to feel unwell. Unlike the big boats you see crammed with tourists, our vessels are elegent sailing catamarans which is a very different sailing experience. Two hulls means double the stability.
  • Do I need to bring any money?
    No! Everthing is included. Breakfast fruits, freshly prepared lunch, beer, wine and soft drinks. We try to find the most secluded spots on Rhodes so you will hopefully be in some secret swimming location.
  • How do I find you?
    We operate from Lindos Bay a short distance from most of resorts and hotels. Ask your Taxi to take you to Lindos Beach, there is a small pier beside the Palestra Restaurant. Call us and you will be collected by our motor tender. If you are coming from further afield with a hire car, we recommend parking in the large free carpark at the top of Lindos hill, it's a short walk to the beach and is much less hassle than trying to find parking further down. If you need assistance with arranging transport please let us know.
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