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Multi day sailing charter with skipper / instructor

Multi Day Yacht Cruise - Island Hopping in the Dodecanese.

Rhodes is the most cosmopolitan of the Dodecanese Islands and with direct flights from most European cities. A world heritage site, the old town, is the perfect start to your multi day charter.

At Yara (the sea maiden) Yachting we are unique in offering an entirely flexible charter. You can decide on 2-14 day charters.  

Your captain will review the wind and weather and discuss the best options with you. We try to keep each day’s sailing to under 5 hours to ensure you have plenty time to explore the wonderful Aegean Islands. 

Sample Itinerary - 1 week cruising in Dodecanese


Sample itinerary

Day 1 

Arrive on the island of Rhodes. Meet your vessel in the Marina. Safety brief, review of vessel and discussion on itinerary. Explore the old town, the grand master’s palace, walk the street of the Knights and take in the glorious mixture of classical, Byzantian, Ottoman and medieval buildings. 

Day 2 

Depart for the glorious island of Symi. Approx 22nm

One of the most beautiful ports in the world with colourful neoclassical houses all around the harbour. Explore the rest of the island, don’t miss the legendary monastery of Archangel Michael over on the south west side of the island.

Day 3 

Depart for Tilos. Approx. 30nm

A jewel in the Dodecanese islands, Tilos has been famed since antiquity for its restorative powers and the location of the European dwarf elephant. Don’t miss the incredible abandoned village of Mikro Chorio or the imposing Mesaria hill top castle. 

The legendary monastery of Archangel Michael over on the south west side of the island.

Day 4

Depart for Alimia Chalki. Approx 22nm

Named after the copper mines that drove the economy, Chalki is a stunning small island with many beautiful beaches and inlets. Nimporio presents a beautiful image to the traveller approaching from the sea. The deserted village of Chorio (abandoned in 1870) provides an entertaining afternoon stroll and great location to watch the sunset.

Day 5  

Pink Floyd Bay. Approx 32nm

Far from the crowds this is a glorious protected bay on the south of Rhodes which is one of the top ten beaches on Rhodes. BBQ on the site made famous in the 1970’s when rock music royalty Pink Floyd jammed on the beach. David Gilmour still has a house nearby.

Day 6

Archangelos Bay. Approx 20nm

We sail past Navarone Bay (made famous in the 1960’s film the 'Guns of Navarone') and on to Lindos. The view of the Acropolis, one of the most iconic views on Rhodes. A secluded stop near Haraki will see us anchor below Feraklos Castle, famous as the first home of the Hospitaler Knights on Rhodes in 1308. 

Day 7 

Return to Rhodes Marina. Approx 17.5nm

On our return we will stop in Vagies cove famous for its turquoise water. The bay is now commonly referred to as Anthony Quinn bay after the Mexican actor who fell in love with the location whilst filming the 'Guns of Navarone'. After a swim and lunch we will make our way to Marina in Rhodes. 

Make our special day extra special

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Treat yourself and loved ones to an unforgettable adventure and explore the picturesque Greek islands on a luxurious catamaran. Our yachts are meticulously maintained for your safety and pleasure, ready to take you wherever you wish to discover the hidden treasures of Greece. With the guidance of our professionally qualified captain and crew, they’ll be sure to recommend some magical destinations along the way! 


Indulge in luxury as we provide all possible comforts aboard including private changing rooms, bathrooms with toilets, galley where delicious Greek dishes are prepared using local produce, sun decks so you can sit back and relax. Aboard one of our premium vessels it's possible for everyone in your group to have an exclusive experience full of romance and fun!


Contact us today for more information about booking a private yacht charter from our base  on the Island of Rhodes!

sail rhodes distance shot of lagoon catamaran.jpg

Ready to feel the sea breeze in your hair? Charter a luxury yacht and discover hidden gems off the coast of Rhodes.

Sail Rhodes Luxury Sailing trips offers you exclusive service with delicious Greek cuisine, ice cold drinks and professional staff. Your safety, comfort and enjoyment are our top priorities. . Our routes are designed for optimal exploring in secluded bays for trips filled with relaxation, sunbathing or snorkeling (masks and fins included). 


Picture yourself spending an unforgettable day on a luxury catamaran surrounded by beautiful scenery as you explore your perfect sailing trip on Rhodes. You deserve this special experience full of romance and fun aboard our luxurious catamarans.


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