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The Most Romantic Sunset Cruise on Rhodes

The perfect celebration of your holiday


Sunset from Pefki

Your captain will take the vessel to a secluded point near Pefki. From there we will watch the sun slowly set between Mt. Atavyros and the hills of Troulas. Relax with a glass of bubbly (all wines, beers and soda are included). This glorious view gives an indication of why ancient Rhodians venerated Helios the sun god. 

Canapés in Lindos Bay

The best way to see Lindos is undoubtedly from the water. It is one of the most romantic bays in the world. 

Your crew will prepare drinks and fresh canapés for you whilst you enjoy Lindos under the stars.

dinner on board yara yachting_edited_edited_edited.jpg

End your holiday with the most incredible tour

At the end of the evening you will be dropped at a well lit pontoon. There are some great cosy bars in Lindos and a vibrant night scene. 

Mark your special event with the most romantic sunset cruise  on Rhodes. 

€200 per person

€1,000 exclusive charter

Max 8 PAX unless private function

Looking for a romantic and special experience to remember for years to come? 


Yara Yachting Luxury Yacht Charters offers the most incredible sunset cruise on the island of Rhodes. Unforgettable views, delicious canapés and drinks all set against stunning Mediterranean scenery. You won't have an evening like this anywhere else! 


Come aboard our luxury yacht charter and enjoy top-notch facilities while relaxing with your loved one as you sail along the beautiful coastal waters. We'll provide fresh canapés and fizz allowing you to indulge in an unforgettable evening romance under a canopy of stars. 


Book today with us at Yara Yachting Luxury Yacht Charters, Kiotari Rhodes for your own special romantic sunset cruise!

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