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Sail Rhodes Yacht Deliveries

Trans Ocean Yacht Deliveries



Sail Rhodes Yacht Deliveries. Delivering a yacht is a privileged occupation. However, it comes after years of sea miles, tickets and of course experience. As yacht owners we try to ensure your boat is treated like our own. The crew are always carefully vetted to ensure the right blend of seamanship and interpersonal skills. 

On a delivery, the vessel sails 24 hours per day, with the crew on watch for 3 hour periods. In between the cleaning, routine maintenance and of course cooking are essential parts of the day. It is a demanding and sometimes exhausting regimen.

Some crew will be mile-builiders seeking qualifying passages as they progress to Yachtmaster. There are daily sessions on Navigation, Celestial Navigation, Weather and plotting. Others will be seasoned professionals with thousands of ocean miles behind them. We carry £5m public liability insurance.

 At Sail Rhodes Yacht Deliveries we have a network of reliable, professional crews, experienced in delivering catamarans, mono hulls, ketches, sloops, cutters, motor yachts, power yachts and ribs. email us today for an informal chat about your yacht


Trans Atlantic

Europe to Caribbean Yacht Delivery

With so many famous yards in Bordeaux (Group Beneteau, Lagoon, Fontaine Pajot, Nautitech et al) this forms a regular yacht delivery route for new build catamarans. Making use of the tradewinds down to the Canary Islands, Cape Verde and then 2-3 weeks of open ocean to St. Maarten. At Sail Rhodes we have probably more catamaran sailing experience than any other delivery company

3,500nm.      Crew of 4

North Atlantic

Yacht Delivery Biscay to Norway

Big seas and unpredictable weather make deliveries across Biscay, Channel Islands, Irish Sea, Hebrideas Sea and North Atlantic particularly challening. 

At Sail Rhodes Yacht Deliveries we have amassed considerable experience in the Bay of Biscay, tidal challenges in the channel islands and ferocious storms up the Irish Sea and out to the Faroe Islands into the North Sea and Norway.

439 nm Biscay 


La Coruna to Cyprus

Yacht delivery Mediterranean

The wild Atlantic coast of Spain and Portugal often means dodging Orca attacks these days for yacht delivery crews and cruisers alike. The approaches to Gibralter can be swarming with ships forcing careful lookout on night watches, use of AIS and Radar.

At Sail Rhodes Yacht Deliveries we have made countless deliveries, Algeria, Tunisia, Malta or North to the Baleric Islands and across to Italy.

A personal favourite of our lead skipper is the passage from Scicily to Greece before heading  home to Rhodes. Usually a 3 week delivery from La Coruna to Akrotiri


Oman to UAE

Arabian Sea Yacht Deliveries

From Djibouti a delivery into the Arabian sea presents a number of formidable challenges. The weather is impacted by winds funneling down from Yemen meeting cyclones from the monsoon in the Himalayas giving wind over tide conditions all the way to Muscat.. For the delivery crew the only safe stop from Djibouti is Oman. A careful passage is then required to navigate the straights of Hormuz to avoid falling foul of the Revolutionary Guards. 2 weeks of big seas, fickle weather and dangerous coasts



Suez & Red Sea

Yacht delivery Red Sea

Possibly the most challenging delivery route in the world! The Suez with endemic levels of corruption allied with mind numbing bureaucracy and chaotic ports make every transit a challenge. Beyond for delivery into the Indian Ocean, Seychelles and Mauritius means 2 weeks of rough seas, uncharted reefs and some grumpy fishermen posing as pirates! 

This route is only ever undertaken by our most experienced skippers who know the waters and have cultivated the relationship with Agents and officials.


What's involved in a boat delivery?

The journey begin with a discussion about your needs. When does the boat need to depart and arrive?


We will always want a recent survey of the vessel to ensure it is seaworthy before committing to any delivery. Key elements like the state of the hull, standing rigging, sails and engine are subject to inspection and if necessary agreeing replacement/repair.

Any vessel needs to have basic safety equipment onboard, this includes life raft, flares, grab bag and emergency equpment for each member of crew. Long lines to ensure the crew can be clipped in at all times on night watch and cow's tail harnesses attached to lifejackets. EPIRBS are essential and should be supported ideally with AIS and RADAR.

Modern comms have added greatly to the safety on board, with Starlink revolutionising contact in mid Atlantic. Irridium still provides a mainstay for satellite communication and links to the offshore grib files for accurate weather forecasting. Pre paid sim cards for each country you pass through are a wise investment as they make contact with agents, custom officials, immigration, coast guard and port police so much easier. Each day, sometimes twice per day, you will be send an automated message giving the position of your vessel. This is often relayed to the familes of the crew to ensure safe progress. 














You will need to get various papers together for the delivery crew, these include boat Registration papers, certificate of insurance (your insurer should supply these in the language for each area of passage), evidence of V.A.T paid (nor not), any local port taxes / cruising taxes, CE certificate of conformity for the vessel, the engines, the outboard and the dinghy. A manifest is required and transit log. A maritime letter of authority should be provided signed by you and the captain along with a power of attorney letter to ensure the captain has the authority to move the vessel and instruct essential repairs. Copies of the crew list and passports along with vaccine certificates. It makes sense to make multiple copies of these documents as every official you meet in Africa will demand a copy. A ship's stamp is a good investment, you will be signing documents for sometimes and hour in African port authority locations. 

Preparing the budget for the delivery usually takes a couple of days. A lot of costs are fixed but the variable costs (fuel, provisions, replacing / installing essential equipment and liaising with the agents in advance of departure ) can be very timeconsuming. Usually, when the budget has been drafted, there is an agreed deposit paid for the delivery and expenses. Some owners provide a credit card for all expenses, others provide a cash float / BACS transfer. The skipper is responsible for ensuring detailed and accurate expenses records are maintained. The only exception to this are the bribes and backshees payments which are an unfotunate necessity of transiting the Suez Canal (and a number of other ports along Africa's coast. 

When all contractual points have been agreed, the crew will assemble at an agreed date. Ideally this is a couple of days prior to departure to allow for victualling, ice breaker and agreeing roles and watch pattern. We try to ensure our crews have a blend of experience allied with different life skills to ensure a harmonious passage. 

At Sail Rhodes we never forget the vessel is your baby - often it is your home. We treat all vessels lovingly and always strive to hand the vessel over in better condition than we started with. 

If you are looking to have your yacht delivered across the world by experienced, professional and supported crews then contact us today at

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